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Платформа SellAction — это стабильный источник конверсий для вашего бизнеса и надёжный партнёр с нулевым риском.
  • Дополнительный
    канал продаж
    Когда другие источники исчерпали себя, продажи "остановились", а планы надо выполнять
  • Увеличивайте
    базу клиентов
    Развитие клиентской базы является одной из ключевых задач любого бизнеса
  • Персональный
    Сотрудничество с нами это существенная экономия времени и затрат на маркетинг
  • Партнерская
    для вашего бизнеса
    Прозрачная схема оплаты за результат подходит практически для любого вида бизнеса
  • Вознаграждение
    за покупателя
    Вы сами назначаете размер вознаграждения или % от суммы заказа, которым готовы делиться
  • Платите только
    за результат
    Рациональное и максимально эффективное расходование рекламного бюджета

Questions and answers

  • How to become an advertiser?
    To connect to SellAction as an advertiser, you must: 1. Comply with the minimum indicators: a store / service officially presented on the market, with a capacity of 50 orders per day, which has the ability to attract a technical specialist for integration. 2. Register on the site and fill in the automatically submitted questionnaire. 3. Within 3 working days, get a response from the network manager, with further actions.
  • How many sales can I get?
    It all depends on the proposed conditions in the affiliate program, the allowed types of traffic and product range. In more detail to predict for you volumes - the personal manager will be able.
  • How much is it?
    Our network does not have a monthly subscription fee, and there is no one-time connection fee. Payment is made solely for the result and under general conditions, in most cases equal to 30% of the webmaster’s commission.
  • How to attract webmasters to my store?
    It is important to always be on the lead: regularly update advertising materials, develop a bonus scale for volumes and possibly other indicators - for the amount of a check, for example. Connect an XML feed with a catalog of products, timely add information about promotions and sales to the site, provide coupons and promotional codes to partners, including individually.
  • How to verification orders?
    Verification is a tool that allows you to determine the degree of achievement of the goal. For example, we have the goal “Paid order” and the webmaster brought the traffic from which the conversion occurred to your site. The order is displayed in our system in the status of “Waiting”, at the end of the reporting month, we send you a special document, in which there will be a list of all actions with a pending status, you check them in your CRM or any other way for redemption by the final buyer order and the fact that there was no return. If everything is correct, we confirm the order and in this case the amount of the commission is deducted from your balance in our system. If the buyer refused at any stage of the transaction, this order should be canceled and in this case the commission will not be charged. There are several options for reconciliation: manual, automatic, semi-automatic. More will be able to tell your personal manager.
  • What are the ways of integration?
    There are 3 ways to integrate: - order tracking using pixel integration (S2S possible); - using our API - the most reliable way - via GTM - the least recommended way, due to frequent obstacles on the Adblock side and other services. "
  • Need a deposit?
    It all depends on the chosen model of work, in some cases it is required to make a deposit in the amount of 10 commissions from orders for the average check in your store.
  • How to return the deposit in case of termination of cooperation?
    It is necessary to inform the personal manager and follow simple instructions. Usually the return does not take more than 5 business days.

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