Questions and answers

  • What is a SellAction?
    SellAction is an international affiliate network. Allows partners to monetize traffic, and advertisers to receive a stable and high-quality source of sales.
  • What traffic sources can I work with?
    Personal blogs, websites, social channels and groups, cashback, coupons, media and contextual advertising, e-mail newsletters, teaser ads, retargeting, doorway pages and much more. In each affiliate program, a list of permitted sources.
  • What types of instruments are available?
    Deeplink, Postback, Traffback, Rotators, Promotional Materials, Domain Parking, Coupons, Promotions and Promotional Codes, Referral Program, API
  • How much can I earn?
    Your income depends on many factors: the amount of traffic, the intended purpose, selected affiliate programs, advertising materials, sources and much more. We have no restrictions on the amount of income, some programs that have a limit are excluded, or a personal manager has informed about it.
  • From what GEO you can monetize traffic?
    When connecting to the program, pay attention to the list of countries from which traffic is received. For example, in AliExpress you can send traffic from all over the world, without restrictions by country.
  • How often are payments made?
    When making an application within 3-21 business days (usually instantly), or when creating an appeal to a personal manager.
  • In what currency are payments made?
    Accruals occur in the currency specified in the affiliate program, it can be USD, UAH and EUR. And payments according to the settings in your account.
  • What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
    10 USD / 10 EUR / 250 UAH / 1000 KZT
  • How can I withdraw money?
    Withdrawal of funds earned is possible through: by bank transfer or another method by individual proposal from personal manager.
  • Is it possible to convert currency?
    You can set the currency of income in the settings. There may be restrictions on converting at the moment.
  • How can I report a problem or get support?
    Use the ticket system (tab "Support" in the interface), you can write a request separately via the feedback form and the most efficient way is to contact the personal manager.
  • How long is the order confirmed by the affiliate program?
    In each program, there is a separate item which indicates the average order processing time.
  • What does the words "Exclusive" and "Exclusive Terms" mean?
    If the decree is the label "Exclusive" - ‚Äč‚Äčthis affiliate program is available only in SellAction according to the CPA model. If you have met "Exclusive conditions" - it means that SellAction has more favorable conditions than in another network.
  • What does the "URL for statistics" field mean when adding a site?
    "URL for statistics" is a link to a third-party service that displays the statistics of the proposed resource (for example, Google Analytics).
  • Attention! Scammers supposedly our managers
    Please note that cases are more frequent when scammers seem to be employees of our network and conclude fictitious contracts that have nothing to do with us. Please always contact the only official communication channel - our mail: All of our managers have individual email with domain Contracts, NDA and other documents we sending only via email. Any other communication channels on payment issues or an sign agreement may be scammers.

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