About us

SellAction - effective affiliate network, which provides an economically beneficial result for the advertiser and for the publisher.

Affiliate network SellAction - is the benefits that are available to everyone:

Savings due to lack of charge for impressions and clicks;
Clear advertising models;
Focus on results;

Payment only upon the fact of registration or ordering by the client.

We offer two packages based on different advertising models. You can use one of them as well as both simultaneously, which will give you the opportunity to expand the client base, increasing the level of sales.

Model CPL. Advertiser pays for certain actions committed by users. For example, the registration of an application, the passage of registration and so on.

Model CPS. Advertiser pays for orders. Payment can be represented by% of the order value or a fixed amount.

SellAction commission charge shall be paid simultaneously with the payment of primary remuneration and at the expense of Advertiser.
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