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The 5000 Miles brand was born on a trip to Central Asia several years ago.
Then passes and rivers had to be overcome in sneakers. Instead of trekking poles, there was a staff in his hands - a gift from a local shepherd, and the thermal underwear bought several years ago was useful only when spending the night, because it was impossible to walk in it. She did not remove moisture well, irritated her, and her body overheated very quickly. On that trek, there were green valleys, heights of 4000 meters, snowfields, rockfalls, seething mountain streams and countless tea parties with shepherds and their families.
He realized the importance of good equipment, and a desire to share the experienced emotions with others. The symbiosis of two opinions has transformed into the idea of ​​creating high-quality clothing for outdoor activities and making it affordable. We really want you, too, to experience amazing moments on your travels, whether they are cycling, hiking, kayaking, or skiing.
Why 5000 Miles? Because it was those 5000 miles in 5 weeks in Central Asia that gave us the desire to make the world a better place. And this is our contribution.
Our brand has been on the market since 2013 and continues to develop successfully.
We are engaged in the production and distribution of outdoor casual clothing, sports accessories.
We always take into account the needs of partners and are ready to work on new projects to expand business opportunities.

Benefits for the webmaster

  • A well-known brand in its segment.
  • A high percentage of rewards.
  • We are ready to offer interesting unique offers.
  • We are constantly working on the usability of the site to increase conversion

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