KINZA 2018

KINZA was the first conference in Russia, which gathered webmasters, arbitrators and advertisers on one site. In 2016, Kinza roared with classy speakers, networking and a crazy show on the after-play.

In 2018, Kinza returns to reassemble all the tops of the Internet business and create the most steep conditions for networking.

For whom?

For everyone who earns:

1. Arbitration of any type of goods (merchandise, infocourse, lid, finance, installs, subscriptions, etc.);

2. Content sites (RSA, Adsense, Offices, teasers, video advertising, lidogeneratsiya, direct advertising, etc.);

3. Mobile (mobile applications, mobile traffic).

And also for advertisers, representatives of CPA-networks and intermediary companies in the market.


World Trade Center, in the business heart of the capital - Moscow City


September 12, 2018

Why you need to be on Kinzа?

1. Find partners and leave with confessions with beneficial offers of cooperation

  • Participants begin networking even before the conference. The site http://kinza.pro has its own internal social network for the participants: you can apply and start communication.
  • There are 3 thematic zones for networking for each section. Here they communicate with speakers after speeches, discuss reports, etc. Informal communication grows into agreements and contracts.
  • For VIP-participants there is "their own atmosphere" in the lounge zone, where there will be all the tops of famous partners and owners of companies. The most direct way to become partners with those with whom it was planned for a long time.

2. To be on the front line in your topic

  • Only being in a living environment you can quickly get the information you need. Internet business has ceased to be the lot of singles. On Kinza, you will fall into the same atmosphere, which boils with actual knowledge. Listen to exclusive reports, ask questions, get what you can implement in your work right away.

3. Attend a party that will be talked about for a long time

  • Fiery after-party in the club ICON. In 2016, guests met a live tiger, twisted records of DJ Groove, and alcohol did not end all night. In 2018 there will be more surprises, shows and frank entertainment.


Who will speak on Kinzа?

Kinza 2018 collects the main experts in Russia and the West on earnings in runet and bourgeois.
All speakers and topics can be viewed at http://kinza.pro/

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