iForum 2019

The largest IT conference in Eastern Europe iForum will be held on May 23, 2019 in Kiev.

The eleventh iForum will open a window of opportunity for numerous visitors - this year the organizers expect more than 12 thousand participants.

12000 participants, 7 directions, an exhibition of new products from the IT-market, the futuristic “City of the Future”, a lot of useful acquaintances and conversations. What will the conference be about and why should you visit iForum?

Head of the Organizing Committee Alexander Olshansky: iForum-2019 will be about the future. The world is at the point beyond which the “matrix will break down” - we are expected to see huge changes in the whole system from education to technology. This is a crazy global trend, and we will talk about this at the conference, where a new direction appeared - “The Future”.

But the main direction of iForum’s is networking. By buying a ticket, you get the most democratic access to the most interesting people in the industry, whose synergy creates the future.

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