What is hosting and why is it worth paying

You have created a website: cool, functional and good, on which you want to earn money, Or not, not even that: you just want to create a website for yourself, work, study, as a training ground, personal blog or cloud, never mind. From the beginning to the first visitor will have to perform a lot of tasks, including choosing a site for placement. The place where you put the site is called hosting.

So, what is hosting and why pay for it?

Hosting - this is a web server for hosting sites, files, software and other content not on your PC, but somewhere on the Internet. Quality hosting ensures uninterrupted site operation. Of course, good services and high positions in search engines cost money.

There are two types of hosting - free and paid. So why pay for what you can get for free? The main differences - service quality and difference in capabilities.

Free hosting is functionally limited, not stable and cannot boast of data integrity. In order to make money somehow, the owners of free hosting sites place ad inserts on client sites and do not worry about who uses their services & ndash; local school or a phishing resource attackers. If you have nothing to lose and the site does not carry any value for you, then you can safely consider this option. In other cases, only paid, preferably proven, experienced and reliable hosting.
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What are the advantages of paid hosting?

If the advantages of free hosting are minimal, then the paid list has a much wider list. Consider the benefits of paid services for example hosting from HostPro. 

Free hosting does not provide technical support - HostPro it is. Moreover, here it is 24/7

The main thing in a good hosting this is the smooth operation of the site. It happens that failures do not depend on the host and problems occur on the client side, but they cannot be resolved on their own or this process takes up valuable time. In such cases, technical support comes to the rescue and solves the problems. You can’t be insured against breakage both on weekends and in the middle of the night, and even on New Year's Eve you will rely on someone.

Paid hosting - this is high speed worldwide

The connection speed depends on the user's geographical location: the farther away from the server with the site, the longer it will take to load the page. To solve this problem, professional hosting providers locate servers in different parts of the world, ensuring that the site is equally fast for the client from anywhere in the world.

Paid hosting - this is a quick and economical start

Even if you need a website in a short period of time without programmers and designers, this is not a problem & ndash; Professional hosting provides the tools to create a site without forcing to go into a new sphere. Without any experience, with the help of site builder, the client can independently create a presentable and working resource. HostPro provides SitePro site builder absolutely free. It is not necessary that paid hosting it's expensive, no. Quality services, data security, high speed costs from $ 2.5 per month. Not so much, right?

Paid hosting - this is HostPro

HostPro - This is a modern, stable and reliable hosting in Ukraine. The experienced brand, which recently celebrated its 18th anniversary, is proud to be a choice for thousands of customers not only from Ukraine, but from the whole world. If you are looking for a truly proven company that you can trust with your own website, then this is the best of options.

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