CPAConf 2019

On March 15, 2019, the 8th international conference on affiliate marketing CpaConf 2019 will take place in Kiev.

She was the first and remains the largest in Ukraine.

Everyone is waiting for 2 streams of reports: for webmasters and for advertisers, 20 reports, participants from 12+ countries. The most important topics are: the prospects of the affiliate market, bourges, trend offers, promising grids, tools for advertising, etc.

There are no paid reports on CpaConf, therefore it is always useful content, real cases and practical recommendations from affiliate gurus.

The conference will take place in the usual place, Mercure congress hall. CpaConf is not only a conference, it is a great networking, a place where advertisers always find intelligent arbitragers, and those in turn, who to pour, what to pour and from where. This is an exchange of experience, if lucky, with profitable bundles, chips and secrets of TOP webmasters, and plans for the future with each other.

At the end of the evening, everyone is waiting for AfterParty: a show program, contests and prizes, snacks, hookahs, unlimited alcohol and informal communication.

There are tickets for any budget: those who have just started to arbitrate and want to become part of the CPA party - Affiliate, for those who already feel confident in the market - Business, and for those who not only know how, but have already earned more than one million, of course - VIP.

Prices will rise as you get closer to the date, so have time to buy a ticket at the lowest prices - save money on traffic!

For webmasters SellAction - a discount on tickets of 15% on a promo code SellAction for tickets Affiliate and Business

Registration here.

See you at CpaConf 2019!

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